How to delete all your Facebook messages at once using google Chrome

Are you planning to delete your facebook account or preparing to deactivate it for a long or short periiod of time? If yes then deleting your messages may be of good importance.. Follow the steps below to learn how to easily carry out such task using google chromeOpen Chrome.

Download and install the “Facebook – Delete All Messages”HERE browser extension. Once installed, the extension will notify you that its icon will only appear on pages where it can act upon. So what’s next? Simply log in to your Facebook account and go to “Messages”. Once you’re on Messages, you’ll see the extension’s icon on the address bar. Click the icon and then click “Launch”. That’s it. The Facebook – Delete All Messages extension will automatically delete every active conversation that you have on your page. Do keep in mind that this extension doesn’t offer any option for data recovery so if you have some important messages out there; make sure to keep a backup copy. So once you see that your entire Facebook messages has been cleared, you can just click the “Exit” button and the extension will automatically reload your messages page sans the Facebook Delete All Messages toolbar.

It’s really that simple so go ahead and give it a test run.

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