Downloading fb videos is archievable using Facebook official app with ES File Explorer. Before proceeding to use this method you must have these apps:

1. ES File Explorer: If you don’t have it, download from Play Store and install.

2. Facebook Messenger (Old version): The latest version of Facebook mobile app doesn’t allow this and till date. You can download it here. To check your Facebook app version, go to Menu > About. If you have this version or lower, don’t bother. Again, the latest version of
Facebook app won’t work.

1. Launch Facebook and look for the video you want to download. Click on the menu icon at the top-right corner of the video post and select Save video.

2. Go to the menu tab and select Saved
3. You should see your recently saved video on top of the list.

4. Selecting the video should show a menu where you can select the app to open the video with. Select ES Downloader.

5. The download should start and you should see the progress right there on your screen.

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  1. Abdulsamad Abdulrahman says

    Thanks alot, but there are

    numerous old version facebook messenger out there, please be specific on the version. Thanks

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