Rooting as we all know by now is a way of tweaking the internal software setup of Android devices in order to gain root access by the use of some specific rooting softwares. As rooting is a terminology used only for android device to carry out what was described above, so is jailbreaking used on only IOS to carry out similar function.

There is current news on particular incidence making the round down here; that some folks who purchased and rooted the newly launched Infinix Hote Note android device, got their device bricked after receiving an update to their rooted device and when trying to update it. Right now, you might be having thought of un-rooting your android device either temporarily or permanently maybe to prevent what seems like the possible cause of the Infinix Hote Note situation described above. If by that reason or any other reason, you want to temporarily or permanently un-root your android, we got you fully covered on that with this simple steps.

To un-root your android

==> Just go to Play Store with your device and search for OTA RootKeeper
==> Install the OTA RootKeeper app in your rooted android device
==> Open the installed app; and now, to temporarily un-root your android, just click on the Temp-unroot button that you will see there, then to permanently un-root it, click on the Delete SU backup button Note that with the app, you can also restore root at any particular point in time you need back your device rooted; to do that just click on the Restore Root button on the open software.

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