How to enable or disable JavaScript in google Chrome for Android

JavaScript is an important component in web and mobile browsers. The thing is if you automatically allow JavaScript to run on your web browser, some
sites could abuse it and give you a bunch of elements that you do not want like popup ads. By default, JavaScript is set to automatically run in Chrome but you can easily disable it just by following the steps listed below.


To disable JavaScript, launch your Chrome mobile
browser first in Android. After which, go to your browser’s settings by tapping the Menu icon next to the address bar and then choose “Settings”. Once you’re on the settings page, scroll down the list and go to “Site settings”. Once again, scroll down the Site settings list and look for “JavaScript”. Uncheck the box next to it. So that’s it. By disabling JavaScript, you won’t be able to load any web element that is based on JavaScript. Do take note that these elements may include videos and other web-based applications. If you want to enable JavaScript again, just repeat the steps listed above but instead of unchecking the box next to the said option, check it and you’re done! You can finally load any web element that is based on JavaScript.

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