Good morning arewamobile blog readers, you might have since been looking for a way through which you can flash your phone, without having to connect it to a computer meant for flashing phones, for a particular reason.

Today i’m going to unveil to you a method through which you could archieve this. It works perfectly on the following phones:

-GIONEE and some other Chinese phones.

Just dial *#12345# a message will pop-up asking you to “Delete all” data, confirm it by pressing yes.

Note: This will restore your phone to its factory settings. It will also delete all the data in your phone. Data such as messages, music, videos,apps,contact,photos etc would all be deleted, therefore it is recommended you copy or move all your important files to your Mcard before carrying out this process..

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  1. Anonymous says

    in which network are we going to dial the codes?

    1. Deendabai says

      it doesn’t requires any gsm or gprs network.. As you finish pressing the codes, a pop message will appear asking you to delete all?.. Once you press yes, then you are done

  2. Anonymous says

    Tanks 4 contribution

    1. Deendabai says

      you are welcome!

  3. Anonymous says

    wat of if d phone is locked with password nd u cnt remember

    1. Deendabai says

      is it android phone?? If yes, then hold volume down + power key for like 8 secs.. You’ll find an option to restore it. Use volume down to scroll and volume up as an Enter key…

  4. Anonymous says

    What if it is not android

    1. Deendabai says

      symbian? Java ? iOS ?

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