How To Free Low space of Local Hard Disk or C-Drive in Windows PC

Follow the Simple Steps below to Free up the Low Memory in your C: Drive

1. Open “Computer” to locate or view your Local Disk [ C: Drive ]

2. Now look up by the upper left, you’ll See System Properties, Click on system Properties >> System
Protection >> click on Advanced system settings

3. A New Window will Pop up, there you’ll find System
Protection, seen it? Now click on it.

4. There you’ll see Configure Settings, Manage disk Space, and delete restore points. Make sure the Radio Button is Selected at “Restore Settings and Previous version Files” > Click CONFIGURE.

Your Disk Space usage Limit can be controlled from there too, make sure it is set 50% for Best results.

5. Now move your mouse down, click DELETE – This
wipes off all previous versions of old files that is
taking up space in the system. Installed Software and Files in your Documents in your PC will not be harmed. Now Click OK. That’s all, Very Easy! Your Local Hard Disk C: Drive’s memory is Free now, the Red color displaying on your Local Hard Disk will be gone as you have cleared up most stuff that had been eating up the memory.

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