How To Get 2.2GB For Just N500 On Airtel

Good morning arewamobilers, can you recall the airtel tweak which gives all eligible subscribers a whooping sum of 4.6GB at the cost of just N200?

This tweak is somehow similar to the 4.6GB for N200 on the same network, Airtel. To get 2.2GB data for N500, you are going to follow the same procedures that was used to get 4.6GB data for N200 on Airtel.

One should not hesitate to give this tweak a trial, considering the need for a huge data to enjoy the online life these days. You may wish the price is not up to the stated amount, but its still fair and affordable.

This package is called, Airtel Triple data offer . It rewards one with 3x the amount of data he purchase, so, if you purchase a data bundle of N500, you will get a whooping sum of 2.2GB instead of the known amount of 750MB of data(i.e you get 3 times the 750MB data you purchased) . The same goes for other plans, but as usual, not all SIM cards have access to it. It works based on SIM eligibility. So for you to enjoy this offer, you ‘ve to check your SIM for eligibility by following the below instructions.

how to get 2.2GB for N500, 4.5GB for N1,000, 10.5GB for N2,000 on Airtel

First of all, you Send a message : GET to 141.
If you receive a response like this, then you are eligible and can go ahead with the further instructions

Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS

If you received a message like the one above, you can go on with the next steps,

send, MIFI to 141 .

After that, recharge either N500 airtime or N1,000 airtime, you can also recharge N2,000 airtime if you like.

If the recharge was successful, simply purchase any plan that the airtime can afford, let’s say you recharged N1,000 airtime, and you subscribe to the normal plan, you should get times three of the plan.

But if you unfortunately receive a different message or don’t even receive the message at all, then its obvious that you are not eligible to enjoy the offer.

So you should give it a try so that you can enjoy it before the Airtel team block it. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on whatsapp, Facebook, et cetera..

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