How To Get 400MB For Just N50 On MTN

This is another tantalizing offer secretly introduced by MTN, a new data bundle that gives you 200MB + 200mb bonus for just N50. The most exciting thing about this offer is that, you browse, download, stream videos, or do whatsoever you want with your data. It’s all yours! The data is valid for 7 days.

How to activate MTN 400MB for N50

Some might be having a second thought about this. ” how do i know that i’m eligible for this data offer? ” In order to know if you are eligible for MTN 400MB for N50, simply dial *131*25# and if you get a response saying, “You have insufficient balance to subscribe for this plan “. Then you’re definitely in luck, you are eligible for this plan; but if else, then you’re not!

If fortunately you are eligible for the offer, kindly recharge your MTN line with N50 or N100 recharge card and dial the code ( *131*25#)..

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