How To Get Free 4GB Of Data On Airtel

Airtel network has grown so much that its coverage is almost present in most part of the country. It has become one of the leading provider of telecom service in Nigeria. The company was among the first to launched its 4G LTE network and operate or receivable on band 3 (1800MHz). The company has also managed to extend its 4G coverage to most part of the country within the short period of time.

Free 4GB on airtel
After launching the service, the company also introduced a promo offer that gift customers free 4GB data on its 4G LTE network. The promo is very similar to the Airtel 4GB For N300 data offer you get when you purchase a new SIM card. The difference between them is that, while one cost N300, the other is totally free.

Airtel free 4GB data is pretty easy to get and today we will be sharing with you how to get it. This is not a trick or cheat, you don’t require any code or third party app to activate this offer. Just follow the simple steps below and enjoy your own free 4GB data on your Airtel line.

How To Get The Airtel Free 4GB Data?

  • As rightly stated above, the process is very simple. Get yourself a 4G enabled phone
  • Then make a visit to any Airtel experience center.
  • Buy yourself a new 4G SIM or simply swap your old 3G SIM for a 4G or retrieve your old 3G SIM for a new SIM.
  • Insert the SIM into a 4G enabled smartphone.
  • Once your phone displays the 4G LTE signal, you will get your free 4GB data almost immediately.

How To Check The Data Balance?

To check your data balance, all you have to do is to dial *140#.

Few Things You Need To Know About The Airtel 4GB Data

  • You can only get this Data once and it’s valid for a month.
  • You can’t get the data on the same phone twice, even if you use a different SIM.
  • The data will work only on 4G network, which means you have to insert the SIM in a 4G enabled device and there must be Airtel 4G coverage in your area before you can use the data.

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