This post will guide you on how you can increase the internal memory space allocated to your android device. It is not a permanent expansion as it involves partitioning of your memory card to serve as part of your internal memory. It is important when your phone is running out of space to install some usefull applications.

Without too much noise, below are the procedures involved in the process.

Link2sd Search for it on Google Play and install it on your phone

Mini tool Partition Google it and Install it on your PC.

A rooted device

-Connect your SD card to your PC using Card Reader(card reader only) .Open the Mini Tool Partition wizard you’ve downloaded, it will show you
all the disk drives along with the
memory card which you’ve just

-Right click on the memory card and select delete. (This will format your Memory card completely so ensure that you’ve backed everything up before you carry out the work) .

-After the formatting, your Mcard will now show unallocated space, right click on it and select create as, choose primary . In file system, choose FAT (if you are using 2GB Mcard) or FAT32 (if you are using 4GB Mcard or above)

-Select partition size of your memory card for storing data and click OK(you can select 1GB ).

Then select the unallocated space(your Mcard) and right click on it, select on create option and select primary partition but this time around, your are to change the file system to Ext2, or Ext4. ( but Ext2 is more preferable). Click on Apply Changes, a popup window will appear, click on Yes and then the process goes on for the few minutes and then partition is completed.

How to add this partitioned space to my internal memory
-Copy all your data back to your memory card and insert it in your phone, and follow the steps below:

-Open the Link2SD which you have downloaded from playstore on your phone and grant Superuser permissions, it will ask you to select the file system , choose ext2. Now click okay, the phone will ask to get restarted, click on ok so that it reboot itself.

-After rebooting, open the Link2SD app again. On the top you’ll find a funnel-like icon, click on it & choose on internal. This will show you all the applications present on the internal memory.

-tap the option key and select multi select option. Then select all the apps. click on option and select create link option again.

-Tick all these options: Link application file, Link dalvik cache file, and Link library files and then tap ok.Wait few minutes to create link for this partition.

– Once everything id done as stated above, tap ok. Congrats!! You’ve successfully partitioned your android’s internal storage.

-To link every new application to this partition, select options and then tap on auto link, with this every new downloaded app from Play store will get saved in this partition.

Note: you’ll loss some of the apps if you remove your Mcard and replace it with someone.

I hope this will save you from running out of space on your android phone. Share this post with your friends if you find it useful.

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