As we all know that Google Play Store is the official Android market from where the users can download applications, games, music, books etc.Most of the people assume that it is only accessible by android phone users not knowing that it can also be installed on BlackBerry smartphones (Z3,Q5, Q10, Z10,Z30, Leap,Passport, Classic) and it works exactly as it does on a regular Android devices.

-Google account manager Download the Google account manager here

-Blackberry Google ID APK Download the Blackberry Google ID APK here

Google Play Store APK Download the Google Play Store APK here

-Your device must run on BlackBerry
OS 10.3 or above that.

-Open the downloaded android.gsf.login file and install it on your device.

-Now open the Google account manager and tap on Existing to sign into your Google account and then, exit the manager.

-Open and install the cobalt.blackberry.androidID file you’ve downloaded, after that, open it ( the Blackberry Google ID and tap on Register this device, then sign into your Google account and select Check-In, and tap OK

-Then open the APK (Google Play Store APK) you’ve downloaded earlier and install it on your device because this is the file that you need for having Google Play store on your BlackBerry phone.

The Google Play Store will now be installed on your BlackBerry and you will be able to download, update, and purchase apps, movies, music, and books from the store.

Another way to download Android applications to a BlackBerry phone is by getting an APK downloader app.

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