How to make use of mtn 2go 3gb with tweakware vpn

You already know that mtn 2go mb is only meant to power 2go app. But with some configs, you can make that data to power all apps using a special android software called tweakware vpn.Without wasting much of your time, below are the settings you need to implement into your tweakware app.

>>> Open the settings Disregard account settings
>>> Open Server setting
>>> use selected server and selected server as ip should be ticked
>>> Server port should be 8080
>>> Connections mode is tcp. Disregard VPN settings
>>> Network settings
>>> Tick connect via http
>>> Proxy host
>>> Port should be 8080
>>> Tick Enable proxy tweaks Open Proxy tweaks
>>> Do not tick reverse proxy
>>> Move down to injection full url and input
>>> Injection Host= Line break rn:4

Enable ur keep alive interval to 10 seconds

  1. Mudah says

    Thank u sir. But how do I subscribe for the 2go mb? pls the code and how much am I to pay and also how to check the balance. Thank u

  2. Abdulkadir says

    Mudah the code for 2go sub is *662*4# then u can choose either monthly or weekly.

  3. Mudah says

    Comment…I’ve gotten the 3gb data. 2929MB to be precise but after putting all the codes u have given to the tweakware its still fails to read the network. Is there anything I should do again???

  4. Mudahn says

    I understand. But it is 25mb they gave me after subscribing for the monthly package and not 3gb.
    How do I do to get the 3gb???

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