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Good evening, technological world is rapidly boosting in that it can make many things to be done easily, it makes you super convenient to extent where you become exceptionally lazy. At the comfort of your bedroom, you can turn off your Gen without standing up with remote switching point. It is anachronistic for you to go to DSTV office or Gotv office to queue just because you want to pay for your Gotv subscription. I’m going to show you how to pay from your home a Dstv/Gotv subscription without visiting Dstv/Gotv office.


-web enabled device (Mobile phone or PC)

How to make the Payment for the DSTV/GOTV Subscription Online?

-Gotv users should go to https://www.quickteller.com/gotv and Dstv users should then go to https://www.quickteller.com/dstv

-Click on the selected option and
choose your plan as seen below

-You’ll be required to enter your Decoder Number (ICU) which is boldly
written at the back of your decoder Mobile number and Phone number.

-Click on the continue button, it will take you to the secure billing/payment page where you can pay with your ATM Card. (i.e. VISA, Master or Verve Card).

-Enter your ATM card details and click on “Pay Now” button, enter your Token Number to finalize your payment. Once you are done, it will take you atleast 5min for the renewal process to be complete and you’ll be back online. So easy and simple.

So i hope this will help you in saving the time you’ll waste following a queou at dstv subscription centers.

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