How to reset Windows 10 Login password with ease

Some people may ended up uninstalling with subsequent re-installation of windows 10 OS installed on their computer should they come accross a situation at which the password with which they lock their windows OS is forgotten. I know that Updating your windows to 10 OS is not that kind simple.

Instead of me to let you contend with the installation of new windows 10 OS, i decided to come up with this very short but concise tutorial to avoid all the stresses should this happen to you..

Note: It is applicable to windows 7 Os too….

Basically, the entire process is very much simple but somewhat time consuming, so patience is indeed needed. It will simply work and be apt for you as you would be using the virtual Operating System for Crack Windows 10 password. Interestingly, this method can allow you to set up the password of your choice to log into the Windows. All you have to do is to follow the given steps below:

– Create Linux Live CD @ http://linuxlookup.com/linux_iso on a flash and boot it on your computer via the boot menu.

-After that, go to C:WindowsSystem32 and locate a file named sethc.exe, rename it to sethc1.exe. Then rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe.

– Restart the system from which you’ll be taken to the login screen, simply press the shift button five(5) times, a Command prompt page will be opened.

-Simply Type net user and press enter , from which you’ll get the administrative account name.

– Still in the command prompt page, type net user user_name new password . Meaning that: net user, administrative name and then the new password of your choice….

You have succesfully changed the administrative password of your computer and you can now log in..

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    Hi! Please, brief explanation on the first step. It is not very clear to me.

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