How to rock Mtn Bis unlimitedly on android using tweakware vpn

Morning, today i’m going to unveil to you the way to rock Mtn Bis Unlimitedly On Android Devices using Tweakware Vpn.

-Download and install the latest
Tweakware app from PlayStore.
-After installing the application,recharge your mtn line with #70 and dial *216*7# , …… you will then receive a confirmation that you have subscribed to mtn blackberry plan for 24hours.
-Next is for you to launch the Tweakware app, and go to settings,click on Bundled Settings, Tick use Bundled Setting, and select MTN-BIS-1 from the Bundled Settings list.

-enable your mobile data and then connect the Tweakware app and you be online in a matter of seconds after it connects. And that is all!!.

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