How To Send Files From Android To Pc Using Xender

This post is all about file transfer from Android phone to a computer using a widely used android file sharing application by the name Xender. One may ask why using Xender despite the availability of USB cables as well as Bluetooth availability in some of the latest computers…

Wouldn’t you think of a situation whereby the USB ports of your computer are not working or a sitution at which you don’t have the cable with you. On bluetooth, we all know that it is not all the computers that do have bluetooth enabled on them so you still need this feature. And one more amazing thing with this feature is its fastness over bluetooth or USB transfer.

-Connect your Pc and the android to the same WiFi network.

– On the PC, switch on Wi-Fi and then start a hosted Wi-Fi network and connect your Android to the network.

-Open the Xender application from your phone, Setup your profile if you have not already done that. Tap on the more button and then choose Connect to PC.

-You will then see a URL and a verification code. Yeah!!! Open any browser on the PC and enter the URL you saw above, enter the verification code after the URL opens . You have succesfully connected your android phone to a Pc

-Now to download files from that phone to your Computer, select the files (by holding Ctrl + Click to select multiple files) and click on the Download icon on the right of the screen.

For you to upload files to the Android, navigate to the folder where you want to save the file and click the Upload icon, click the Upload button from the pop-up window, navigate to the file and upload it.

Hope you are satisfied with all the steps outlined above…

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