In the meantime whatsapp is considered to be the best or one of the simplest platforms through which files could easily be shared to different parts of the world within a very short period of time. This was as a result of its simple function of direct file upload from files directory to the user’s favorite menu. But unfortunately, this sharing feature was limited to a certain size by the whatsapp team as such the file to be shared has to be in consistent with that limitation, that is to say it must be below or equals to that limited size. The endowed size for now is 16MB for which in this tutorial i’ll show you how to stretch it to upto 2030MB(2.03GB), with that you can be able to share not only video clips but also some movies that haven’t exceeded that stretched size..

*Make sure that you follow the steps to be outlined below with caution for it might led to some errors if mishandled.
*Do not blame DEENDABAI for your mistakes….

* You have to repeat the process whenever you update the whatsapp in your phone or a case at which your phone is restored to its factory settings..


i. A rooted android phone
ii. Root browser by Jrummy Download the Root Browser here


-Open the Root Browser application and allow root permission when the message prompts.

– Tap on ‘data’ and press ‘data’ again.
– You’ll find ‘com.WhatsApp’ folder open it and then the tap on ‘shared_prefs’ folder in it you will find the main file by the name of ‘com.WhatsApp_prefrences.xml’.

-Tap and hold the ‘com.WhatsApp_prefrences.xml’ , press on Open with, where a list of applications will appear, choose RB Text Editor.

-Scroll down gently to find < int name =” media_limit_mb” value=”16″ />

-You are there!.. change that 16 to any digits(below 2040MB). E.g you can change it to 2035.

-save the file and exit.

-Re-start your device and you are done…

You can now send file of upto 2030MB in size to all your friends or to groups you’ve joined….

Note: Avoid making any mistake while carrying out this process to ensure safety of the application and your device as well.

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    With Binfer there is no need to compress videos. This is great way to share videos

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