How To Start Investment In the USA Companies Anywhere In Nigeria

Yes, you read that right! You can start investing in US companies, from wherever you are in Nigeria, that is why am here to explain to you How To Start Investment in USA Companies Today and Make Huge Profit.
Sounds impossible right? Yeah. It isn’t impossible, and it is one of the ways you can put yourself on the path of becoming a billionaire (or at least, earn a lot of money in US Dollars).
If you have that kind of dream, and you just don’t see how you can make it while still in the country, just read this post till the end, and you’ll find out everything about it all soon enough.
To begin with, you get the chance to invest in companies like Amazon, Google, Verizon and so on, and your stocks would be just as if you’re physically in the USA.
The one element that enables you to do all of that, is an app.
Bamboo app is that app that allows you buy and curate American Fiscal Documents, such as ADR (American Depository Receipts), ETF (Exchange Traded Funds).
The application has an unfettered access to 3,000 different kinds of stocks, listed on both NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange) and the US stock exchanges.
The most interesting thing about the stuff is that you can have access to all of that, right from whatever phone you use.
To get started, head on over to the App Store, and download the Bamboo app.
Once successful with the download and installation of the Bamboo app, you would need to set up your account.
In setting up your account, you need to create a profile by inputting your BVN, your profession and set goals.
From there, it’s all easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy operation.
Just start funding up your account, and check out top stocks that are available to be traded.
Honestly, when you start trading stocks on the app, you will see the most owned stocks in the Bamboo
This helps new investors find the right stocks to put money into,
according to categories such as Technology, Entertainment, Transportation, Retail and more.
Conclusion on How To Start Investment in USA Companies
Bamboo app is really an application you should try out if you have plans to make it big in foreign stocks.
Fun fact, the Bamboo app is a Nigerian Tech Startup that has the backing of Chrysalis Capital, and Flutterwave too.
So, you’d be making cool investments, while bearing in mind that you’re supporting Nigeria in the long run.

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