How To Transfer SMS From Android to Windows Phone 8.1

One of the things that has been haunting an existing Android user (or even a Windows Phone user) from switching to a new Windows Phone, is the inability to transfer the SMS back-up.
The above statement would have been true had it not been for Nokia (now Microsoft), the company always knew what the customers wanted. Nokia had built in-house a bunch of apps for Windows Phone & majority of them were a hit. One such app is ‘Transfer my Data‘, the app that you will be using the first to transfer contacts from your past device to a new Lumia, it works like a charm (be your old device be it Apple, Android, Symbain, Blackberry or Windows Phone).

The app also has the ability to pull messages & pictures from your old device if it falls in the list of compatible devices. Transfer my Data got its last update recently back bringing in one of the most wanted features of copying Text & MMS messages from and to an SD Card. Yes which means that if you are owning a Lumia which supports Micro-SD card then you can save all your Texts & MMS messages to the SD Card as well pull an old back-up from the SD Card to your device.

Open the ‘Transfer my Data‘ app & click on the three dots at bottom right. Make sure that the app is
up-to-date. You can see options ‘import from sd card‘ & ‘export to sd card‘. So if your old device is Android or Lumia and if you have copy of Contacts,
Texts & MMS messages on on your SD Card then you
can click ‘import from sd card‘ option to pull all of the back-up from SD Card to your new device.

If you already have a Lumia with SD Card support then you can take a back-up of Contacts, Texts & MMS
messages by using the ‘export to sd card’ option.
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