Good evening , this great feature i’m about to introduced was initially created for recording mobile games while you play them, but now, you can use it to record activities of any app. The then video recording app requires you to login with your google account, but with the advances in technology the login funtion was therefore then removed in the recently developed apps..

Today we are going to make use of YT Gaming app( Download it here ). Google screencast app can also be used,However, the YouTube Gaming app is a bit more convenient for recording screencasts of apps that aren’t games.

-To get started just install YouTube Gaming app on your Android smartphone or tablet. The shortcut’s name is “YT Gaming.”

-Tap on the “Go Live” button ( this option is not just for live-streaming — it’s also for capturing recordings. Tap on “Next” and Select “Record” option and choose between 720p HD and 480p SD. You can select “Stream” if you’d like to live-stream from your device to YouTube instead. Putting in mind that everything on your device will now be recorded. Your voice and other nearby sounds could all be recorded.

A list containing all applications installed on your device will appear so that you can select any app to start recording it. Once you begin, you can also leave the app you started from continue recording. A screen recorder will appear at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

You can also capture your face using the camera on your phone..

To start, tap the “Record” button and to stop then tap the “Stop” button.

Upload the Video to YouTube or Use the Video File Manager.

You can upload the video direct to youtube or if you don’t want to upload your recording to YouTube, just back out of the upload screen without tapping the “Upload” button. The video will now be saved to the Movies/Screencasts folder on your device’s internal storage.

You can use a file browser app — either the file manager included with Android 6.0 or a third-party one — to access it.

It will also appear in the “Screencasts” folder in your photo gallery.

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