IMEI Tweaking: Get 5GB For Free On Your Airtel Line

Morning, i saw this newly cracked imei with which if tweaked successfully will earn someone a sum of 5GB of data for internet browsing at no cost hence i decided to share it with you guys…

For someone to stand a chance of getting this data, he has to meet the requirements below:

– A rooted android phone (use kingroot or any other rooting app)
– MTK Engineering application (Google and download it)
– IMEI analyzer ( download it from store or you can use www.imei.info/calc


It is not something new that you may start to be thinking on how to go on with it, it is something you were used to in some couples of months ago…

Use MTN Engineering app to tweak any of the IMEIs below:

• 861143032393452 ( change the last 4 digits and analyze)

• 861143032393353 (change the last 4 digits and analyze)

• 861143032393551 (change the last 4 digits and analyze)

Use imei analyzer for the generation of a valid imei from any of the above imeis.

After generating a valid imei you then tweak it on your phone using the mtk engineering app you’ve downloaded..

After successful tweaking send join to 141. If it didn’t worked for you, send the imei you’ve just generated in this format; S861143032393551 to 232….

If you receive a message that your phone is not eligible to enjoy the offer or any other error message, simply analyze new imei by changing the last 4 digits and send the message again…..

For the succesfull tweaking , you’ll receive a message that you’ve successfully activated airtel data terminal and have 5GB been credited to your account for a period of 30 days…..

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