Latest free browsing settings for etisalat and glo users

Morning, this post uncovers info on how to set free browsing on either of Etisalat or Glo line using some little techniques. Lets start with Etisalat being the fastest interms of internet speed.

Etisalat Free Browsing setting with QueenCee VPN is not something you should be frightened with as it looks like regular vpn apps you are familiar with. It is almost similar in configuration to other vpn apps only that it has a data usage limit of 60MB.

To bypass the data usage limit one needs to be changing the proxy server address to be listed later on in this post.


• Etisalat sim card with 0.00 balance and with no data on it

• Android smartphone

• Queencee Vpn application ( Download it here )

Having met all the requirements mentioned above, you now proceed with the most important step which is the app’s configuration and implementation.

APN Settings

Name : arewamobile
APN: etisalat

Leave Username ,password and other fields empty, then save and activate the setting…

QueenCee vpn setting

Proxy Server Type: Real Host

Proxy Server:

Real Proxy Server Type: Inject

Real Proxy Server:

Port: 8080

Save the settings and start rocking the net..

How to bypass 60MB data limit ?

If you you’ve exhausted the 60MB data allocated to that proxy server, you just replace the above proxy server with any of the servers below;

-Proxy server:

-Proxy server:

– Proxy server:

Glo free browsing setting with Queen Cee vpn

As of etisalat above, your Glo account balance must be 0.00 and your line must be free from any data package for it to work on your device. Strong network too is expected in your area as the vpn app may not work properly in a poor network area..

You first of all send PAYU to 127

Front Query:
Back Query: %[email protected]
Proxy Server Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Server Type: default
Port: 8080
Tap the Save button
a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device.
To go to More Options, kindly swipe from left to right on the Main page. You will see VPN Settings and VPN Options. Tap on VPN Options and untick Connect
Through An HTTP.

In Region, select United States or Netherlands.
Go back to the main page of the
QueenCee VPN and tap the Start button and wait for it to connect.

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