Learn How To Easily Connect your Android phone To a TV

connect android to tv
Good evening, Have you ever thought yourself on the possibility of connecting and android phone to your TV? If you are having doubt in the possiblity of that, then i can say that it is going to be cleared in this post. Considering the way at which Android phone just keep bringing the best to human society and as such making the environment more conducive and favourable.

Put in your mind that you can easily connect Android phone to TV and enjoy more bright, wide display, better sound and stunning graphics on your TV when you connect your Android to it. To archieve that, you don’t need to panic @ all.,you can connect your Android to almost all TV of the recent decade.

Note: You may no be able to connect your android to a Tv If the product you are using is Samsung, and some other famous TV’s, . You can also connect your android to your laptop computer with the aid of Chromecast, root access is therefore needed in this case on the system you are going to make use of.

How Can I Connect my Android Phone To TV

Using the methods to be stated, you could be able to connect Android to TV of your choice.

If you have not heard of HDMI before you found yourself reading this post, let me quickly tell you what HDMI is, it is an acronym of “High Definition Multimedia Interface”. If you have a recent TV at home, it should be equipped with HDMI port as most set- top boxes does this day. Despite the fact that HDMI is found cheaply, one outstanding benefits of it is that it accommodate virtually any HD video and audio at the same time which ultimately allowed you to connect your device to your TV and expect the best HD depending on your TV.

The HDMI comes in different types of not more than 3 and you can choose the one that best suites you depending on the device you are using it for. For instance, if you are getting HDMI for your Android, you must go for the one that is strictly made for Android and the same thing goes to other devices like Laptop or game that you like to connect to your TV. HDMI cable

Connect Android To TV Wirelessly

For you to be able to connect your Android to your TV without any cord or cable is archievable using Miracast which is a wireless standard that creates an ad-hoc network between your Android and TV as long as they both support Miracast. Almost all TV’s have seen supported Miracast without additional hardware. When you checkout Miracast, you will discover that it uses H.264 for its video transmission which simply connote that you should expect efficient compression with decent, full HD and quality picture delivery. Consequently, with Miracast, you can stream live TV and iPlayer on your TV with the aid of Miracast Digital Right Management (DRM).

With this little tutorial, you should be able to connect Android to TV of your choice. Enjoy!!

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