Masari Asks US , Europe To Return Nigeria’s Stolen Money

#Masari demanded that they return the stolen funds hidden in their countries either in cash or give an exchange of some goods…

Governor of Katsina State, Alhaji Aminu Masari has said that the economic recession facing the country is a blessing in disguise as it will ultimately take Nigeria to a higher place.

Speaking when he was presented with the US Congressional Commendation Award by the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus in Abuja yesterday he also said that foundation education especially in Northern Nigeria is faulty.

According to him, Northern Nigeria has the highest number of illiteracy and that has been the reason for the insurgency in the region.

Masari said : “Nigeria has a potential of many things, we don’t want to be called potentially, we want to be there and we believe we can. Africa is the new theatre of activities . We have a long challenge, of leadership. “ Nigeria has never been short of big men, how do we get leadership to get us to the right place, the challenges we are going through now is good because ultimately it will take us to a higher place.

“We have the highest number of illiteracy, there is no way we can manage our population without education and we cannot improve our agriculture input without education.” Speaking on the power situation in Nigeria, Masari lamented that there is power in Nigeria after huge billions was spent adding that unfortunately most of this monies was spent through foreign companies .

“90 per cent of stolen money is in Europe and In America and the those hiding the stolen money
are all guilty. It didn’t take US up to 24 hours to freeze accounts after the 9/11 attacks and Europe did the same. If there is sincerity, they would have released our stolen money. “If you can’t return the money in cash, return it in good and services. The government is fighting corruption headlong.

Source: Katsina Diary

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