Meet Kannywood Actress Zainab Abdullahi Indomie

Zainab Abdullahi popularly known as Zainab Indomie is one of the most celebrated and talented actress in the Hausa movie industry Kannywood.

Zainab was born and raised in the Capital of Nigeria Abuja. She was born on 17 May 1996 (24 years of age). Zainab has some roots originated from Sudan.

Zainab is one of the beautiful actress in the kannywood industry and her excellent ability to interpret roles make her stood among the best in the industry.

Zainab joined kannywood in 2008 and quickly rose to fame at a tender age. She has a strong connection with actor, producer, singer and director Adam A Zango in the industry as they have featured in diffrent films together.

Zainab starred in hit movies such as Garin mu Da Zafi, Walijam, Ali, Yar Agadaz and so on.

Zainab left the industry and took a five year break which leads to rumours circulating she is dead but upon her return she clear the air on those rumours and blamed it on mischevious makers.

Zainab has a diploma in computer science.

She is ranked among the highest paid actress in the industry.

Her films include:


Sani Nake So


Kundin Tsari

Romeo Da Jamila

Upon her return to the industry, Actor Adam A Zango made her the queen of the white house family a company owned by him.

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