Meet Oladee, The Boy Behind The Viral Crying Meme, See Pictures of His Real Face

The crying head meme has been one of the funniest memes to have come out of Nigeria. The meme didn’t just start and end in Nigeria, the meme went viral and worldwide.

Many people have been wondering who the guy behind the crying meme is. Wonder no more as the guy is simply known as Oladee. The guy is from kwara state and is currently studying at the university of Ilorin. He has joined in doing funny skits on Instagram.

The guy’s crying face is so hilarious and funny. People actually used the face to create many memes. They would just cut of the head of any picture and perfectly place the crying head on it. The sets of pictures made from the crying head are so funny.

The guy’s crying face has travelled to places he has never dreamt of being to. You cannot help it but laugh at the various memes created with Oladee’s crying face.

Nigerians are people who love jokes and play a lot. They saw the funny side of the crying head and made it to go viral.

You can see a couple of those funny memes made with Oladee’s crying head.

They are all hilarious, aren’t they ?

Here is the real face of the guy in the crying memes as gotten from his Instagram page

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