Microsoft To Shutdown Cortana App On Android&IOS By 2020

Cortana App To Shut Down By Microsoft soon, which appeard that Microsoft had a second plan. Meaning it will stop working For Android and IOS Device.

As from January 31, Cortana’s functionality would be shut down in at least some regions.The reports originated from the UK, Canada, and Australia websites.

While this looks like a global development, no word yet from the United States. It’s actually doubted that if Microsoft will be doing it in its homeland, at least for now.

According to the post, the content users have created within the app will continue to be accessible through Cortana on Windows.However, only via the app itself or the Microsoft Launcher.

Moreover, you’ll need to use Microsoft To-Do App in order to access your reminders lists and tasks.
It’s worth noting, that Microsoft will is planning to integrate Cortana on its Microsoft 365 package.Thus, this makes a standalone Cortana app somewhat redundant.

From January 31, the US giant is expected to release a new version of the Microsoft Launcher.This new version won’t have the Cortana app included.

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