Migrate to MTN SmoothTalk and Enjoy a Very Cheap rate

Good morning, MTN SmoothTalk+ could be regarded to as the best alternative to MTN True talk+ plan which was scrapped off by MTN recently..


MTN SmoothTalk + is a plan that provides you with cheaper call rates to all networks after the very first minute. On smoothtalk+, you are charged at the rate of 15 kobo per second(9 Naira per minute) to all networks after the first minute which is charged at the rate of 40 kobo per second.

Other Added Services

-Free 10MB weekly on atleast N100 recharge.

-Start of Call notification to inform you the rate at which your call will be charged.

-End of Call to inform you of your call duration, total call cost and airtime balance.

-Free 100% bonus anytime you recharge your line especially via *885*PIN# (valid for 3days)

-N400 Goodybag (400 + 500 bonus (25kb per/sec)) and many other features.

To migrate MTN SmoothTalk+, simply dial *401# or you can alternatively activate it via SMS by sending 401 to 131..

For the Goodybag package with which you would be given 400+500 bonus @ 25kb/second at the cost of N400, just send GB400 to 131 and you are done…

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