MTN Bis is Working Back on Android and PC, find it here

After some few days when MTN ceased our surfing with their Bis plans via VPN, I’m glad to inform you that we have found another MTN Bis Plan that can be used like MTN BBCDAY on Android and PC via same Simpleserver and same settings.

You can now continue your streaming and large files downloading with this MTN BBMIDID. MTN BBMIDID is the BB10 data plan, currently working like MTN BBCDAY on both PC and Android devices. It is working flawlessly with SimpleServer and the same old setting (web.blackberry .net). Don’t be scared when you subscribe to it and you received a message “Welcome to MTN Blackberry BBMIDID. You have 15MB inclusive data bundle”. Just ignore that message and continue surfing unlimited.

To Use MTN BBMIDID ON Android And PC » Load your MTN sim with N100 » Text BBMIDID to 21600 As I said earlier, you’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN Blackberry BBMIDID and it will also tell you that you have 15MB. Just ignore that message. Connect and open your SimpleServer app with web.blackberry .com no change. Same thing goes for
Android and PC users.

When browsing, you will also receive a message that
“Yello! You have used up your BB10 data plan” Ignore
that message too, and continue with your work. Start surfing and enjoy your usual unlimited downloading! The plan will last for 24hrs.

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