MTN XtraTime Interest Rate Increased From 10% To 15%

Good morning, MTN Nigeria have decided to under the current economic climate increase the commission rate of mtn credit borrowing system (mtn xtra time) from 10 to 15% taking effect from yesterday.

A service charge of 15% of the requested airtime is charged per successful request. The service charge is first deducted from the airtime, and the balance is then loaded into the Customer’s Xtratime account.

With this new development, 15% will be deducted on every credit borrowed. Suppose you borrow N100 from them , your account balance will be credited with N85. For N50 you have 42.5 an soon..

Will you still borrow airtime from MTN despite the charge increase?

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  1. hadi says

    this is too ridiculous I will certainly avoid borrowing. thieves thieves thieves .

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