interview with saraki
This is a very interresting conversation or an interview between Cham Faliya Sharon and his excellency Abubakar bukola saraki. Patienly, read this interview to the end

An “interview” I had with Senate
President Bukola Saraki a few days after he was formally charged with 13 alleged criminal offences. Enjoy.

Cham: “Mr. Senate President, sir, did you really wrongly declare your assets while you were Governor in 2003?”

SARAKI: “I am being accused because I am the Senate President!”

Cham: “Sir, you probably didn’t understand me….”

SARAKI: (interrupting) “I understand you very well, and my answer is what I just told you. I am being accused because I am the Senate President!”

Cham: “Sir, you mean the offences were not committed?”

SARAKI: “Why should they bring
something that happened about 13 years ago?”

Cham: “You mean because the crime is 13 years old you should not be charged?”

SARAKI: “Am not saying I should not be charged, but should they start with me?”

Cham: “But sir, who do you expect them to start with? Can you help us with names?”

SARAKI: “Er… Em… Ehem…. Not that I have any name, but at least, why should they start with me? Is it because I am the Senate President?”

Cham: “But sir, don’t you think it will send the right moral note to low profile Nigerians if such charges start with top public figures like you?”

SARAKI: “No, I disagree with you…. This is a witch-hunt against my person!”

Cham: “Witch-hunt? Are you a witch, sir?”

SARAKI: “I didn’t say am a witch…Am
saying that why should they select only me among the many… Er… Em… Many of us who became rich while in public service!”

Cham: “Really? So are you admitting that you unduly became rich while in public office and there are many of you?”

SARAKI: “What I mean is, I invested my hard-earned monthly salaries in rice farming, and that helped me become a multi-billionaire!”

Cham: “You were a rice farmer while you were Governor?” .

SARAKI: “O yes, I was a big time rice

Cham: “Sir, who were your rice customers? Were you exporting your harvest, or were your clients local consumers?”

SARAKI: “My business is my business…. I am not obliged to disclose my clients to you!”

Cham: “Sir, for you to have made such
billions of naira on rice farming in such a short time while you were in office as Governor, your clients must be very big buyers and your farm or farms must have been extra ordinarily large. But did you pay tax from your profits as required by law?”

SARAKI: “Tax? Now look, I don’t think I will continue with this interview….. Are you interviewing me on behalf of my political enemies?”

Cham: “Do you have political enemies, sir? And who are they?”

SARAKI: “Of course, those who don’t want me to be President of the Senate!”

Cham: “Why should anyone not want you to be President of the Nigerian Senate?”

SARAKI: “Because they think I will use my popularity to seek to become the
President of the country in future!”

Cham: “Sir, are you popular?”

SARAKI: “If am not popular, how could I have served for 8 years as Governor, and thereafter plant my successor by myself, even against my father’s political influence? If am not popular, how did I successively win my senate seat and even became Senate President at my second term?”

Cham: “But sir, that’s only Kwara State!”

SARAKI: “Is Kwara State not in Nigeria?”

Cham: “Okay sir, but will you resign from your office as Senate President?”

SARAKI: “Why should I resign from an
office I coveted and fought for with all my strength and might? Are you expecting me to lose the pleasure of riding around Abuja and Nigeria generally with a long motorcade befitting enough for the Senate President?”

Cham: “Sir, Nigerians are demanding for your resignation because of the 13
criminal charges slammed on you, and because of the criminal charges hanging on your wife’s neck and that of your close business associate!”

SARAKI: “Am I guilty already?”

Cham: “But you have already been docked in court, and that’s significant.And Nigerians are saying they cannot have a suspected criminal presiding over their highest law making organ of government; they expect that you should resign and clear yourself and your family of all these grievous allegations, and that’s what is done in most countries now!”

SARAKI: “Is Nigeria now among those countries where people like me will
resign from office over mere allegations?”

Cham: “Sir, but Nigerians embraced and voted for CHANGE, and you were
proclaiming the same CHANGE slogan in all your campaign hustings before the elections!”

SARAKI: “Look, when I was campaigning for CHANGE, I was merely asking Nigerian voters to change the PDP and bring in the APC! Can you tell me or show me evidence where I promised Nigerian voters that I will CHANGE my own character?”

Cham: “Sir, are you insinuating that you have not changed your PDP character, and you have actually brought in the character into the APC CHANGE administration?”

SARAKI: “Look, young man! I don’t care who sent you or who you are working for! Go and tell President Buhari and Tinubu that…..”

Cham: (Interrupting) “Sir, did you just
mention President Buhari and Tinubu? Were they the ones who wrongly filled your assets declaration forms in 2003?”

SARAKI: (Screaming at me) “My friend,
gerrrrrrra ra here before I …….!”

GOSH! And then I woke up from my deep sleep….. Alas it was a dream! Na dream o! Ah! My hand no dey o! Ah! ” By Cham faliya Sharon. What a nice dream!.

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