Mr. President Sir, don’t be surprised if I say that many people didn’t know that you are the president-elect of the ABU SRC. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, due to the nature of the system .Well, am not here to talk about that. Even though I know that there is a slim chance of you reading this, I still went ahead and publish because I won’t be contented with my heart if I didn’t do so. Mr. President, Accept my heartfelt congratulations and felicitations on your well-deserved victory, congratulations Sir!

Before I dwell further into my main aim of writing this letter, let me quickly go down on memory lane. It was late May, 2007.The country was in high spirits .A new president has just been elected, and the first transition from one democratically elected government to another has just occurred.

The Man at the helm of the affairs was the only non-corrupt governor (as declared by an anti-graft agency.)He admitted that the election that brought him to power was flawed and promised electoral reform. He even went on to declare his assets, which was an unprecedented move in the history of the country. With his 7-point agenda, the public was confident that he is just the right man to lead Nigeria. However, in July 2007, the president swear in a cabinet of 39 ministers with all states but one being represented.

The list was largely composed of names being forwarded to him by state governors ,party leaders or key financers of his party either as a token of appreciation or as a way of securing his re-election bid. This action subsequently proved that the administration has no intention to depart from the traditional way of distributive appointments, which has led to the failure of previous administrations before .This, was the first sign of trouble .I believe the rest was history.

Now you may wonder why the unnecessary fuss, well this is why. First of all, your own case is the similar to the above example .Even though your administration is new and yet to assume duty, your approval ratings is already high. The public believe and have confidence in your competency and capability to lead, don’t disappoint them Sir.

The very first sign that determines whether an administration is serious about fulfilling the promises it has taken during the course of its campaign and caring for the welfare of those that elected them, is appointments. The very first appointments (and other subsequent ones) you make determine the focus of your whole administration. The Appointment of credible, competent, able, capable, trustworthy, dedicative and incorruptible personnel into key positions (and other minor ones) in your government only serve to raise your ratings while doing otherwise would only prove disastrous.

Mr. President Sir, during the course of your campaign you might have made some promises. Keep true to your promises sir. But what you shouldn’t let yourself be blinded by sentiment in your appointments, sir.

Do not appoint individual you deem incompetent and incapable of leading into your administration .I know Surely, people must be assigned in the various committees you are to set up and I know that you might appoint people based on the recommendation of others, but Mr. president Sir they should be dully scrutinized, screened and disqualified at the very first sign of incompetency. Not doing so would only jeopardize the whole situation, Increase corruption and further weaken the already-fragile system. After all, you and your cabinet can’t do this, alone. You need strong-minded, credible, competent, trustworthy, zealous, able, and lustered incorruptible individuals.

In a nutshell, my first advise to you (others would follow suit) sir, is that you should appoint only trustworthy people that won’t betray the trust you put in them and also tarnish your reputation in your administration. Do not resort to settling off of old scores and repaying debts, thereby undermining the capability of your administration. I as an individual, strongly believe that only with the selection of incorruptible personnel can the whole system remain peaceful. The public should wait to the see the first sets of appointments you make, as that might determine the fate of your administration. Congratulations once again on your well-deserved landslide victory. May God be with you, Sir!
Yours faithfully
Abdullahi Malumfashi

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