Northern Man Takes Blood Oath With His Girlfriend, Shares Photo On Twitter

Northern Man Takes Blood Oath With His Girlfriend, Shares Photo On Twitter

Love is what gives us the strength to keep going in this life. To find the one you love and loves you back in return is priceless. Some find love easily while others have to suffer before they find love.

When someone is in the love circle nothing matters most to him than his/her loved one. Lovers have different ways of showing commitments to their relationships. Loyalty is an important ingredient in relationships.

Many relationships end up dead because of lack of loyalty. One needs to be faithful to his partner because nothing hurts most in a relationship than cheating.

A northern guy and his girlfriend, decided to take their relationship to another level as they both took blood love oath.

The man identified as Mohammed, shocked twitter users after he shared a photo of a blood love oath, he recently took with his beloved girlfriend @Northernbeautyy

A blood oath in some cases stipulates that the couple who swear it, have vowed to be faithful to each other and never to leave themselves till death and anyone who goes against the guidelines may have himself of herself to blame.

Mohammed excited over the oath of commitment, shared a photo of blood coming out of their fingers.

Time will tell whether these lovebirds remain together and continue their love journey. But one thing is sure that their love is unconditional.

May we all find the love of our lives and may we never cheat on them.

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