Good day fellow responsible northerners. This message of mine goes to the youth specifically…

Please lets open our mind and think critically on what is currently happening with our brothers in Southern part of the country..

We should know that this has been their plan if agitations couldn’t work.. They want reprisal from our side so that war shall erupt to achieve their set goal. Please disregard agitations from fellow brothers that we should go for retaliation. That won’t do us any good. We are people of peace since from the inception, history has shown that. Our founding fathers worked hard to build this great nation of ours, please do not be a tool in nuling their efforts. Conflict or war bring nothing but suffering..

Take Syria, Somalia Iraq and others as examples, what have they achieved for going for war?? The answer is nothing but jeopardy.
We should be law abiding and peace ensuring. Nigeria’s peace and unity remain our paramount priority.

Yours Mal. Yusuf Saddam Saleh
Chairman Northern Youth Restoration Movement (NYRM)

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