How To Opt-Out Of All Services Deducting Your Money

Telecom networks in Nigeria have turned some of us to their money making machines as they charge our money in their course to accrue huge amount of dollars…

What they usually hide under is the callertune service to deduct our money, which they activate on someone’s line. They’ve also programmed their network system in such a way that it automatically activates one or more of their money deducting services on your line as such paving a way to the merciless deduction of your credit.

The simplest and fastest way to get all sorts of such unsolicited services out is for you to directly call the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) call center and say all your worries to them . You’ll receive an instant response that your case has been resolved and you’ll never be charged again over that matter.

You can prior to calling the NCC call centre try some of the actions below:

My emphasis will be on MTN being the one with highest public outcry over their incessant money deduction. The reasons for your money being chopped up might arise from the facts that you are dragged into some of the abovementioned services.

Via sms send:
– ULEN to 700 to stop MTN learn English

– STOP NEWS to 4200 for BBC news

– STOP1 to 33555 to stop local news English.

-STOP to 4080 – To stop all football updates.

– UGBN to 700 for Guardian news

– UAFP to 700 for AFP news

-UCFC to 700 for Chelsea Fc news.

– UWMMQUOTES to 700 for religious quotes

– CANCELLOVE to 33118 for love quotes

-UCHAMP to 700 to stop champions league weekly.

If non of the above codes worked for you, then try dialing *123*5*1# from which you can check current active subscription. If all probed abortive, simply call Nigerian Communication Commission(NCC) centre via 622 , believe me, your case with be resolved without delay….

Glo case too might be that of the caller tune subscription. To opt-out simply send via text message dereg to 7728.

If it happens to be another issue other than caller tune, then trial of any of the below codes should then be employed:

– UNSUB WORD to 8888
– UNSUB JOKE to 8888
– UNSUB HT to 8888
-UNSUB WLT to 8888
-UNSUB DAT to 8888

• To deactivate other value added services, send UNSUB to 547

In an event whereby non of the above codes worked for you simply Call NCC and present whatever your worry is to them…

• For caller tune deactivation simply dial *251*2#

• For other unsolicited services send STOP to 224

Call NCC if the issue persists…

That’s all i can offer as regards to this matter…..

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