How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account

Evening! Have you ever wished to bring the activities of your Facebook account to an end for some certain reasons but you find it difficult in doing so or you don’t even have an idea on how to get started?

We are going to in this concise tutorial unveil to you step by step procedure on how you can delete a Facebook account accessible by you.

Possible reasons for account deletion
There must be a reason behind the wish someone has in deleting his fb account some of which are:
√ Possession of multiple accounts
√ Recovery of an old password forgotten account
√ Disturbed by some elements and have exceeded the username change limit
√ Matrimonial issues
√ Just don’t like that account.

To begin simply log into the account you want to delete and then copy this link and paste it into the address bar of the browser you are using i.e goto the link which is . You’ll be taken to a page containing two options; Delete My Account and Cancel , choose the delete my account option and wait for the page to load.

A new page containing a box asking you to put your password and below it a captcha images asking you to choose the most appropriate, after then you scroll down and hit Ok

A confirmatory window will appear afterwards, tap on confirmed deletion from where your Facebook account will be scheduled for deletion within a two weeks time.

Note that: Login into that account prior to the expiration of the scheduled period will get the process cancelled, so you are advised not log into that account again .

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