Read This If You Are Facing Difficulties In Accessing NPower Portal

Are you finding it difficult to update your information on nasims portal?

Read This If You Are Facing Difficulties In Accessing NPower Portal

On 11th of this month, the minister of humanitarian affairs disaster management and social development, Sadiya Umar Farouq announced the commencement of NPower Batch C selection process.

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It comprises resetting of password on NASIMs website, validation of BVN, updating of profile information and ofcourse an aptitude test all to be conducted on the officially assigned Npower portal on the NASIMs website.

Many people have and are still complaining about difficulties they exprience while trying to perform the aforementioned required tasks. Some complained of not been able to receive password reset link despite several attempts.

Some are finding it so hard to update their information as required in the dashboard, especially that it involves uploading of some documents with a specified size, while some complained of their inability to write the test after everything.

If you couldn’t get the password reset link message via your mail, just ensure that your email is correct and actively working. You’re expected to request for the reset link once after which you are to wait before trying again. In a situation wherby you tried multiple times, then you have to choose the most recent message.

If you are unable to validate your BVN, then it may likely be as a result of two things; the date of birth imputed on your bvn might have a slight difference with the one you’re providing. Secondly, it might be as a result of network issue, so just keep trying.

If you are facing problems with updating your profile, just know that there are many people out there who are also trying to update their profile information, so this might be as a result of the huge traffic on the server, so just keep trying.

Some applicants do get their account blocked while trying to write the test. This is mostly attributed to network problems. So if your account happened to be blocked, you have to wait for 6 hours before trying again. If it still didn’t work, just try after 24 hours.

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