Reason Why Few Nigerians Are Turning Out To Vote- Prof. Mahmud Yakubu

Reason Why Few Nigerians Are Turning Out To Vote- Prof. Mahmud Yakubu.

The former INEC Chairman and also awaited for His confirmation fo the second Tenure Prof. Mahmud yakubu said failure of politicians to fulfil campaign promises contributes more to the low turn out of Votes in Nigerian Election.

The former chairman added that Nigerains are no longer trust
politicians and are tired of hearing the same promises during electioneering campaigns, so they stay home during elections.

Mr Yakubu made this comment on Thursday when he appeared before the Senate Committee on INEC for screening for his second tenure. The screening comes barely three days after the Senate received President Muhammadu Buhari’s letter seeking confirmation of his appointment as chairman of the commission for
a second and final term.

During the screening, the former INEC boss who was asked the reasons for low voters turnout, highlighted several factors including inadequate mobilisation of voters, violence and
failed promises by elected officials.

“Violence or threat of violence, people don’t tend to vote simply for that fear. Some people just stay on the side of caution by staying away instead of risking it by going out to vote. He added.

He said encouraging voters to turn out is an important function that is supposed to be discharged particularly by political parties and agencies like the National Orientation Agency.

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