Reasons Why I Left Kannywood – Adam A Zango

Popular Hausa film actor/producer Adam Zango has given reasons why he left the Kannywood movie industry.

In a nine-minutes video post on his Instagram page, Zango said his colleagues were envious of his success.

Adam zango
Adam a zango IG photo

He also denied that he was recruiting underage girls to feature in his new movie ‘Sabon Sarki’.

A popular cleric in Kaduna had made the accusation against Zango.

“My colleagues in the Kannywood are not with me again. They don’t like me and are envious of my successes. They are treating me like a novice and do not take me seriously at all. All because Allah has made me great and I am prospering more than them.

“About 90 per cent of the players in the industry are envious of me. They are player hating me. They don’t like me at all. All because I am successful and better than them. They sponsor people to attack me on social media pages all because am better than them.

“I could not take it anymore so I decided to quit the Kannywood and stand-alone with the few that are with me.”

The actor has since started a new movie industry in Kaduna called Kaddywood.

‘Sabon Sarki’ Auditioning

Zango has denied that he is recruiting underage girls to feature in his new film ‘Sabon Sarki’

Reacting to a Kaduna cleric who accused him, Zango said he did not ask or call on any underage to attend his auditioning.

“I am here to tell everyone that the cleric who was preaching that I was recruiting underage girls was lying. I am not recruiting anybody. I asked for girls to attend my auditioning and I have more than 100 of them now who have shown interest. I never called anyone and I am swearing to my God (Holding the holy Quran).”

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