Receive All Your Android SMS On your PC

This method of transferring phone’s sms to pc is quite simple and straight forward, it just requires the android app that will transfer your SMS to the PC and an extension of a browser that will allow you to get notified so as to read the message you received. So follow the steps below to implement this whole setup.

By Using Airdroid On Your Computer Browser.

– Download Airdroid on your Android Smartphone from playstore.

-After downloading the app on your Smartphone. Now go to web.airdroid.com from your Computer browser.

-Scan the QR Code Given in your Computer screen with the help of your Android Mobile app.

Alternatively, you can also use Mighty Text(download and install it on your android from playstore)..

– With Mighty Text there will be a need for the installation of Mighty chrome extension and also a need for the initial pair-up between your android and the Pc…

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