How To Retrive Lost Notifications On Your Android Phone

It is possible, you can recover notifications in your android device by just following some of the simple steps discussed in the paragraphs to follow.

The method is very simple and straight and it doesn’t require any tool or app, you just need simple settings shortcut that you will fix in your home screen which in turn will display all the previous notifications of the day. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

-First of all, long-press on a home screen of your Android device, tap on widget option there and then swipe to left until you find “ Settings ” widgets. Tap on it and drop it on your home screen.

– Now option will appear to set the shortcut of any of settings, scroll down and select “notification log” there, and it will get set on your home screen. So you can now see all the notifications you had already cleared.

Note: Notification log is not available on every Android version it is only available on Android 4.3 Jellybean or above. So, some of the users might not find Notification log in settings, hence the usage of third party application would be required.

Using Timeline-Notifications history

With this app, you can always see the history of notifications when you want. You can see which app had generated the notification and when it had been generated. Thus, you can easily recognize your past activities.

– Download and install Timeline-Notification history on your Android device, grant Notification access rights by simply taping on “OK” to continue

– Now you need to enable “Timeline” on Notification access.

– Open the recording option from the app and then enable the first two options.

So Timeline will be displaying all your received notifications . It is the easiest way to record notifications, this will help you to read all the notifications that you have missed.

With the above few lines discussed, one can retrive his important missing notifications. Share with friends…


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