How To Run iOS Apps On Android Using These Apps

Good Morning arewamobile blog readers. Are you a die hard fan of apple iPhone willing to play or make use of some iOS games and some useful applications but economic weather is cutting you short? This post is actually for you, rigorous adherence to the procedures is what you are required to do.

iOS apps are mostly developed using Xcode, and Objective-C programming language. Unlike android which consists of mainly Java coupled with the usage of compilers.

Having been differed in the languages their apps are created with, they both have apps incompatibility i.e cannot run one another’s application.

To run iOS apps on android, usage of an emulator has to be employed. Popular and most widely used iOS emulators for android are the iEMU APK and Cider apk.

Run iOS apps Using iEmu apk

iEmu is a simple application created by the prominent android developers. It is designed to allow iOS apps run/play on android operating systems. Before you could be able to install this great application, there is a need to enable installation from unknown source via Settings > Security > and tick the “Unknown Source” then go ahead to download and install the app on your device.

After successful installation, iEmu emulator will install an app named Padiod. Whenever you wanted to run an iOS app, you just tap on the padiod icon on the homepage and enjoy all iOS apps and games on your android device.

Download iEmu from this link

Run iOS apps using Cider apk

Installing the Cider emulator is quite simple, all you’ve to do is simply to enable installation from unknown source by navigating to your settings option has we’ve explained earlier on. Now download the Cider emulator and install it on your android device. After the installation, locate the app from your app drawer and open it. Done! You can now painlessly run any iOS app or game on your android device.

Download the Cider app here
With any of these two apps you can be able to run iOS application on your android device without having to suffer so much and with that you’ve saved the penny you may used in buying an apple iPhone.

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