Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales to resume this September 28th

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is keeping the company busy. Smartphones have been catching on fire, and about 0.1% of the sold handsets are said to be affected. That may seem like a small number, but Samsung is struggling to replace the 2.5 million units they have already sold.

This struggle continues, but Sammy is working hard to get it all sorted out as fast as possible. While it was believed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales were to resume in October, new reports claim the device will again hit the shelves in late September.

When, exactly, the phone becomes available will highly depend on your market. The phone is coming back to its home market, South Korea, on September 28th.

This prompt resolution comes as good news
considering how much frustration customers have had to endure. The Galaxy Note 7 has joined the no-flight list, feds are recommending that users cease operations with the phone and some have even experienced their devices catching on fire. On top of that, Samsung is issuing a software
update that would prevent the device from charging over 60% of the battery’s capacity , claiming this is a “fix”.


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