Sardauna and Corrupt Leaders of Today; Time for the Youth – Comr. Yusuf Saddam Saleh

Let me begin exclusively by reflecting the good leadership image of Sir. Ahmadu Bello Sardauna. Sardauna was a leader of the entire Northern region under the Northern People Congress, the then ruling party. He has epitomized all the qualities of leadership, he was/is an example. Being a leader of the northern region, he has love for the entire northerners irrespective of their tribal differences, religious dicotenomy, and zonal or regional barriers. Sir. Sardauna of Sokoto was once quoted saying when he was asked by a white man:

White man: One thing I have noticed while I have been here is that northerners seem to have an obsession about the Igbos. Could you explain that to me?

Sardauna: Well, the Igbos are more or less the type of people, whose desire is mainly to dominate everybody. If they go to a village; to a town, they want to monopolise everything in that area. If you put them in a labour camp as a labourer, within a year, they’ll try to emerge as head man of that camp, and so on. Well in the past, our people were not alive to their responsibilities; because, as you can see from our northernisation policy, that in 1952 when I came here, there weren’t 10 northerners in our civil service here…and I tried to have it northernised and now all important posts are being held by northerners.

White man: Is this policy of filling all key posts in the north solely with northerners and not with other Nigerians a temporary or permanent one?

Sardauna: In actual fact, what it is, is a northerner first. If you can’t get a northerner, then we take an expatriate like yourself on contract. If we can’t then we can employ another Nigerian but on contract, too. This is going to be permanent, I should say, for as far as I can foresee; because it would be rather dangerous to see the number of boys we are now turning from all our learning institutions coming out (and) having no work to do. I’m sure that whichever government of the day might be rather embarrassed and it might even lead to bloodshed.

The fundamental point of view here is how Sardauna has shown to the world clearly the love he has for the Northerners as a whole.

Sardauna of Sokoto was never a prejudice nor an egotistical leader, he was just and fair, he was of equal to every task. I was deeply inspired and found incomparability of Sir. Sardauna with today’s leaders from all angle when I listened to a lecture on leadership delivered by Barr..Mai Nasara Umar Kogo, indeed Sardauna was/is an oceanic adroit leader. Equity, justice, fair display and impartiality of Sir. Sardauna could be clearly seen in his art of leadership; of course in geopolitical establishment of firms across the Northern region.

Barr..Mai Nasara writes and I cite “Sir. Sardauna built Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and Bank of the North, NNDC, NNIL, New Nigerian and Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo, DIC, NDA, Arewa textiles Ltd., FRCN (Radio Television), Kaduna Fertilizer Company, Airport, Railway and Kaduna polytechnic, all in Kaduna as appropriately deserved; BCC in Gboko, Apex Mills in Jebba, Bachita Sugar Company in Adamawa”. All these were built by Sardauna but not in his home town Sokoto.
With sad to mention Sardauna died without owning a single house of stay!

Certainly, this tells us the view of Sardauna on Northern Nigeria, and at the bigger world He has Nigeria first in his mind.

Coming to think of today’s leader/rulers, I wonder if they do lead like Sardauna! Obviously no!! Citing example with my state and locality where I coil from, the rulers consider their native area first before other places; one of them built tertiary institution undeservedly in his locality, same thing done by the subsequent ruler; projects were to be executed in three senatorial districts, but unjustly the Governor hijacks one of the senatorial district’s own to his home town.

Another example is of that who claimed to be of our own, during his 16years of service in a red chamber, it was reported that he secured employment for (147) one hundred and forty seven people accurately but only 7 seven were from his so claimed zone and (1) one from the zonal headquarter.

Some of the rulers are not even establishing firms unjustly in distribution or else but ransacking our funds and resources to foreign countries, some by beautifying, establishing mansions and hotels just for stay, some go even further in establishing refineries and other variety of industries thereby increasing their income per capita while emptying our treasury, leaving behind our industries inactive, leaving youth with no jobs, leaving masses in artificial poverty and hunger queuing under sun for N100. What a nation!!

To the fellow youth; forget what they are giving you and in return use your strength, talent, political skill for their own-interests. Come let’s join hands together and fight this corrupt government officials, with them, we do not have future, what they consider future is building their selves and families, sending their children to school abroad leaving you with inadequate teaching facilities, unconducive learning environment, corruption, strikes here and there both in educational and health sector while you are just a mere servant to them, meant to serve them and their descendants.

Do not forget; you are a leader already by knowing what is right and wrong, you have the skills, you can do it even better.

Gowon did it at the age of 31, Buhari did it at 40, and Babangida did it at 42 Dan Masanin Kano was also there as a minister at 25. Why not you now? All we are enjoying today belonged to the fruitful outcome of their youthful age.
With you, him and them, indeed Nigeria would be great again. We can do it, just trust yourself.

God bless you all and God bless Nigeria.

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