Sen. Does Not Know Funtua Needs University- Comr. yusuf saddam writes

An Open Memo: Sen. Abu Ibrahim does not Know Funtua Needs University ? Comr. Saddam Yusuf Saleh

Senator Abu Ibrahim does not know our problems
Had it been he knew, he would have taken measures

I was busy addressing the state governor (Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari) thinking that in his capacity as one who spring from Funtua zone could do justice to relocate or equalize the distribution of tertiary institution across the (3) three senatorial districts, well, for the governor, that is not too disheartening for I am sure that he is fully aware of what we need (talk more or less, tertiary institution). Even though I still have a question to Mr. Governor,

I do believe there is water enhancement project to be carried out in three senatorial district headquarters; Katsina Zone, Daura Zone and Funtua, but I do like to know where Funtua senatorial district?s project is taking place.

Former governor Barr. Ibrahim Shehu Shema used his capacity and established Federal University Dutsin Ma, (FUDMA) in Dutsin-ma.

Referring to the senator representing Funtua senatorial district that is even deteriorating than the Governor knowing but not doing anything worthily on the issue. The senator does not even know that we need University! If he does know he would have raised a motion in the senate or done something expressive as his counterpart senator representing Daura zone did.

It was off-putting or even disgusting when FUNYUD secretary informed me that we are asked to put our request in writing to send to Sen. Abu Ibrahim, my answer to him was boldly no! Why did he contest for public office without knowing our problems? Does he even has a blueprint?

That was why I earlier mentioned in one of my articles written in Hausa that before electing someone for public office some questions need to be asked.

What is your contribution to the community before now
What are the problems faced by the community
How do you plan to solve them

At this juncture, I request for Senator Abu Ibrahim?s 2015 blueprint.

Distinguish senator, we are aware that this is your fourth term in senate, you have being there since 1999 under different flags till date (with exception of 2007-2011) and we always voted you, the question here is what have you done of achievement that at least two youth are benefitting in Funtua senatorial district?

You are fully aware that our industries are down, job opportunities are no longer there in Funtua, youth has nothing to do of benefit to their lives and fellows as such many of them turn to political thugs, pick pockets, thieves, drug dealers and other social vices. All you people do care about is establishment firms in outside countries, some even go far establishing firms in Ghana, and I pray you are not one of them.

Thousands of students are annually being graduated from secondary schools without having single tertiary institution within the senatorial district to accommodate them, why won?t them stone and beat you? This is another contributing factor, know that ?what you deposit is what you withdraw?.

Permit me to say, politicians have turned youths to beggars, they are available all around corners and junctions aiming somebody of high profile passing by to hail just to get N500 in return, while your children are schooling abroad spending all sort of dollars and pounds leaving us with Naira of low value which is too difficult to get! Look at the future you are creating. Permit me to re-say that not only you but all Nigerian Senators are the cause of poverty in Nigeria, so our poverty is never natural but artificial.

I attended a public lecture in Funtua organized by FCF, and a politician, S.A to Governor said ?we (politicians) are the cause of youth restiveness?

Written by:

Comr. Yusuf Saddam Saleh
President NAGS A.B.U Zaria
Chairman Presidential Forum NASS A.B.U Zaria
Chairman FUNYUD Funtua,
Chairman Northern Youth Restoration Forum (NOYREF)

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