How To Send Unlimited Free Sms With Your MTN Line

Good morning arewamobile blog fans. This free sms sending offer i’m about to introduce to you has been in existence for some couple of months ago. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find it of good service as you have alot to do with sms sending especially those with……

Considering the fact that we have scarcity of free browsing offers at the moment should we compare it to the way we were enjoying free browsing offers in the past made be to write about this old working offer.

I don’t have to pour long stories in trying to explain this method to you, hence i’ll try not to prolong the the issue..

All someone needs to do for him to enjoy this free sms sending offer is simply to migrate from whichsoever tariff plan he is to MTN lifeplus and nothing more. You all know that tarrif plan migration is now free of charge, so you can decide to bounce back to your then tariff plan afterwards, keeping in mind that you’ve to remain on the lifeplus for the free sms offer to work.

To start sending free sms to your love ones, simply dial *460*6# . you may receive a response regarding the plan but not necessarily… Go straight to your sms writing box and start sending unlimited free messages…

It is important to note that you can only enjoy this offer when you are on this plan, migrating back to your previous plan will terminate the privillege given to you…

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