Good evening our loyal blog visitors, i will in this post present to you the cheapest data plans, price, validity and subscription code of all or best performing networks as far as internet browsing is concern in Nigeria for the month of September 2016.

Some might still due to the current economic situation of recession find it not as cheap as they are expecting, but fact to be told, what i am about to state later in this post reflects the cheapest data plans our telecom networks could afford.

Despite the rain of complaints about their slow network in some areas, especially the local areas, MTN Nigeria have to be commended for their efforts in providing cheap data packages for their customers. Below are some of the data plans offered by MTN Nigeria:

√ MTN 7.5GB ; 1.5GB week days and the remaining 6GB to work on week ends only. Validity of this package is one month and it costs only N1000. To subscribe dial *131*106#.

√ MTN 17.5GB ; 14GB working on weekends and 3.5GB working on week days. Validity of this pack is 1 month and it costs N2000. To buy this plan simply dial *131*110#.

√ MTN 1GB for N500 (deal zone) for MTN pulse subscribers . you can opt in for this offer by dialing *406# ,you then reply with option 2.

√ MTN 750MB – Send 103 to 131 . It is valid for one month too.

√ MTN 500MB NIGHT PLAN for N25 (for MTN pulse subscribers only) – simply send Night to 131.

• For more MTN data packages dial *131# and follow the instructions on the screen.

• To check your data balance you dial *131# and choose from the menu or you simply send 2 to 131.

After MTN data plans, now comes the airtel data packages which are also seen at the forefront in providing cheap and affordable data plans for Nigerians. Airtel were believed to be having a robust and outstanding intetnet network in local areas, that means it is mostly used in rural areas.

√ AIRTEL 1.5GB for N1000 works on all devices and it is valid for 1 month. To subscribe dial *496#.

√ AIRTEL 750MB , it costs N500 and is valid for two weeks time(14 days) unlike that of MTN which has its validity as 1 Month. To subscribe to this data plan, you simply dial *418#

Airtel Night plan packages

– 1 Hour unlimited plan for N100 . Dial *481*1# to opt in

3 Hours unlimited plan which goes for N300 *481*2# to opt in for this plan

To check your data balance on airtel you dial *123*10# or *140#

Etisalat is considered to be the fastest network in the field of internet browsing especially in cities and some other urban areas. See the slots below:

– 200MB for N200 you dial *229*2*10# . It is valid for 1 week(7days).

-1.5GB for N1000, dial *229*2*7# this is valid for one month.

– 3.5GB for N2,000 dial *229*2*8# valid for one month.

– 5GB for N6,500 dial *229*2*3# – 1 month validity.

– 8GB for N8000 dial *229*2*5# 1 month.

– 10GB for N10,000 dial *229*2*5# valid for one month..

• To check your etisalat’s data plan you dial *228#.

Glo network is considered to be the best interms of bigger data allowance at a very cheap rate. Without long story, below are the slots:

• N1000 = 2GB substantial for 30 days

• N2000 = 6GB substantial for 30 days

•N2500 = 10GB legitimate for 30 days

•N3000 = 12GB legitimate for 30 days

•N4000 = 18GB legitimate for 30 days

•N5000 = 24GB legitimate for 30 days

•N8000 = 48GB legitimate for 30 days

You can easily subscribe to any of the above data plan by dialing *777# and then follow the instructions on that menu.

That’s all i can offer about the cheapest and affordable data plans by major telecom networks operating in Nigeria. Share with your friends as this little info might be of service to someone.

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