Simple steps to Fix your Google Play Store problems here


Good day arewamobile loyal visitor, is your playstore giving you headache while trying to access it by giving you some error messages when downloading or updating some apps or not opening at all thereby preventing you from apps downloads stream. God’s willing, we are going to in this post outline some simple tips for you to restore your playstore to order..

By Clearing the Google PlayStore

If it is a minor issue then clearing the store’s cache may get rid of all the errors one experiences when using it.. To do this, just go to Setting, swipe down to apps (applications) , locate playstore app and tap on it, you’ll find among the options Clear data, so tap on it and you are done..

Clear Play Store

If the above didn’t worked for you, then this is the next probable step, putting in mind that this option will clear all the saved informations on your applications but won’t intefere with any app’s function. How to do it, simply go to your phone’s setting > apps > playstore tap on it and then locate and tap on clear data..

Get the latest version of
Google Playstore

This is certainly a drastic measure in curtailing the store problem. The latest version is likely to have less or some of the issues fixed, so make sure that you are using the latest version of google playstore app..

Reset your Google account
This does not means that you are to put another or a new account, but just a kind of removing and then re-adding of your google account…

Simply Go to Settings > Accounts then tap
on Google. Select the Google account you want to
remove, and then tap the menu icon (three
dots) at the top right and tap Remove.
Do this for every Google account on
your device.

To re-add your account, go to Settings > Accounts > Add
Account > Google and follow the on-
screen steps to re-add your account.

If all the above processes failed to solve your problem then you are left with no option but to restore your phone to its factory setting which is archievable by either holding some keys or at the setting menu.. This has to be done with caution as it will clear/wipe/delete all your phone’s data(apps, music, photos, videos etc), so you have to move some of your vital files to your memory card.. You can also use the phone’s built-in backup prior to the application of this action. Go to Setting > Backup & reset, tap Back up account to select
which account you want your data
backed up to. Once you’ve done this, go
to the Backup & reset menu and tap
the Factory data reset button at the
bottom. Confirm that you want to do
this, and your phone will be as good as

I’m very optimistic that you can be able to at this point get rid of all the issues with your phone’s google playsore services..

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