Sites To Download Latest Hausa Music 2019

Are you a pro and an avid listener of Hausa(kannywood) music and are looking for where to get and download them? Arewamobile has compiled you a list of top sites to get the latest Hausa Music in 2019.

Hamisu Breaker Dorayi ‘s Songs 2019

Hamisu breaker dorayi, an upcoming artist with lots of talent releases music album every year. The album usually comprises majority of his songs for that particular year. This time around, he’s coming with his new album titled “Haseena” which is to be expected in couple of days to come.

Below are some of the sites you can get Hamisu breaker’s songs 2019.

1. www.arewablog.com

2. www.wakoki.com.ng

3. www.hausaloaded.com

4. www.arewarulers.com

5. www.hausamini.com

You can follow him on Instagram @hamisu_breaker_dorayi

Umar M Sharif’s songs 2019

Below are the sites where you can find his latest songs

1. www.hausamini.com

2. www.arewablog.com

3. www.arewatop.com

4. www.wakoki.com.ng

5. www.arewarulers.com

You can follow m sharif directly via his Instagram handle @umarmshareef

Nura M Inuwa Music 2019

Release of 2 to 3 albums at the onset of new year is the daily grind of this talented artist Nura M Inuwa. He sings educative and entertaining music every year. You should be expecting his two albums Ango and Mai zamani this 2019.

For latest M Inuwa’s songs refer to any of the blogs below

1. www.wakoki.com.ng

2. www.hausaloaded.com

3. www.arewablog.com

4. www.pressloaded.com

5. www.arewarulers.com

You can catch up with Nura M Inuwa on Instagram @nura_m_inuwa

Ado gwanja’s Songs 2019

For gwanja’s latest songs, kindly check on the sites below

1. www.pressloaded.com

2. www.hausaloaded.com

3. www.wakoki.com.ng

4. www.hausamini.com

You can link up with him on Instagram @adogwanja.

Dauda kahutu rarara’s songs 2019

Dauda Adamu Abdullahi Kahutu, alias Rarara has no specific time for release of songs. He focuses mainly on political songs which are mostly triggered by a certain action by the politicians. Nevertheless you can keep your eyes on pressloaded.com or any of the aforementioned sites ror rarara’s latest songs when the need arises.

Follow him on Instagram @real_dauda_kahutu_rarara

You can get the latest songs of other musicians, such as Hussaini Danko, Nazifi Asnanic, Abdul D one, Sayyad G/kaya, Khairat, Isah ayagi et cetera on the sites mentioned above..

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