How To Solve “Insufficient Storage available” Issue on your android phone

Good day Arewamobile blog readers. I’m here with a tutorial on how to curb the lingering “insufficient storage available” problem being faced by many android phone users.

This issue had for long time been taking so many android fans to trouble in that several methods were applied hoping that the problem will get solved, but in the long run get disappointed with it..

Also, this happens mostly when you are urgently in need to a install a game or an application that is of great benefit to you. You might even decide to delete some other less useful applications as well as some video or audio files all in a bid to free up your phone’s space, but all to no avail..

This was as a result of Caches from the applications running on your phone, so deleting or moving some files or apps wouldn’t work for you here, it is a matter of clearing the caches associated with the apps running on your smartphone…

Despite the fact that i know this piece i’m about to share with you is not new to some of the guys reading this post, i decided to write it up for the benefit of those who need it but don’t actually know about it or where to get it. is for all seasons….

I’m unveiling you the two simplest methods which are:

1. Using a third party application called App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap cleaner (which you can download from playstore)

2. Manual method of clearing the caches

Using App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap cleaner

For the fact that we don’t have that app on, then you are to head to google playstore to search and download this application. It is less than 2.4MB in size, so download and install it on your phone..

Open the App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap cleaner you’ve just downloaded from where it will show you that it is scanning all the applications running on your device.

After it finishes the scan process, it will show you the list of all apps installed on your device with an art of dustbin by the right side of each of them..

Scroll down to where Clear is written and tap on it.. This will clear all the caches associated with all the apps running on your phone, and from then you are no more to “Insufficient storage available” problem as long as this app cleaner app is on your phone..

Manual method

Someone may ask Deendabai on if my phone is not allowing me to install even a 2kilobyte app?..

This is not the end of the road, calmly follow this post to the end and see how you too could solve yours.

Simply head to Settings, > Storage from where you’ll find some menus there. Just tap on Cached data from then, i’m sure that you are able to see a warning message asking you to Clear cached data? , simply tap on ok and you have all apps data on your phone cleared as it can be seen from the images below..

You can also choose to go to Apps where the list of all applications installed on your device is showned.. From the you can start to clear the caches of one application after the other..

You’ll surely get all your problems regarding “insufficient storage available” solved as long as you adhere to all the steps outlined in the above piece..

If you exprience any problem in carrying out all the processes, kindly notify us via the comment box below or email use via: [email protected]

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